20 minute fuck

Fuck the 10 minute timer : place

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When most people envision giving no fucks whatsoever, they envision a kind of perfect and serene indifference to everything, a calm that weathers all storms. And for what purpose? for what reason? convenience? easy comforts? a pat on the fucking back maybe? They hide in a grey emotionless pit of their own making, self-absorbed and self-pitied, perpetually distracting themselves from this unfortunate thing demanding their time and energy called life. We know who we are and we no longer have a. I know for myself,

The subtle art of not giving a fuck | mark manson20 min leaverbuster - are you kidding me?


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20 minute fuck. Just went and did it. Best part about this one is i usually make enough for the next day so as i can take it work with me and fuck it into the microwave as well. Wait what the fuck. Turned off already? because i sure am. Slice the bastards up nice and fine. They are afraid of the world and the repercussions of their own choices. I love creating recipes here thay don’t have any bullshit, can be lashed together in about 20 minutes and which have simple ingredients and boy do we have that with this one.


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