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A full-metal jacket round basically punches a hole through a target and little else; they create what’s usually referred to as a “through-and-through. While there are several novelty guns that attempted chamber this cartridge as a semi-auto, they are mostly range toys. Now if only everyone would take actual factual, scientific evidence and statistical realities into consideration when determining laws. It looks like leigh penetrators. This all meant this round was doomed.

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.357 hollowpoint penetration faq. Building and structural firewalls in north america are usually made of concrete, concrete blocks, or reinforced concrete. We found that one to two rounds in the same spot often broke the brick up and crumbled it. They provide deeper penetration with less expansion than sj hp bullets, which provide deep penetration with controlled expansion and good functioning in auto loading pistols. Hollow points are more a marketing ploy than anything else , since they cost more they try to push the ammo in sales while their effect is no better than fmj. 223 stuffed into it between jan 1st 2017 – july 1st 2017, provided you are running it through an ar ‘evil feature’d’ assault weapon that you have registered & legally own. I would have been much more impressed with this “study” __if__ these testers would have shot the. Water/blood/flesh causes expansion – as you build up a pocket of high pressure in the hollow point it finally unfolds its petals, which are designed to give greater drag and slow the bullet quicker as it passes through more and more stuff.

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Especially, at pistol distances. Box of 1500 $278. The fast-stepping 9mms were much the same.

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