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Their only chance now is to close the book and lock it, trapping janet inside. See exclusive teasers for projects that debuted at the cartoon forum co-production platform. It’s been broken for ages, but those two stupid baby ones manage to fix it by breaking it. Every day since 2004, cartoon brew has delivered the latest news, trends and ideas in animation to over 25,000 different artists, entertainment execs and cartoon aficionados. The average breeding age for female black bears is 3.

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Adult bear care watch. Mother bears tend to be affectionate, protective, devoted, strict, sensitive and attentive toward their cubs, raising them to an age where they can survive on their own. Uh oh! you need to have cookies enabled to sign in. There was a tv series too, but the plot of that mostly consisted of a missing birthday cake. Amid amidi is the publisher and editor-in-chief of cartoon brew. ; continued site use signifies consent.


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Characters learn lessons in friendship, honesty, and patience. May increase kids’ interest in the many care bears toys and other products lining store shelves.

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