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Years degree students, as well as one year certificate students. Research and development funded by nordic culture fund, region varmland and arts council england. Between her and some other fun personal crap, i had. Respected hannah’s wish to not share the new public content that i had of her. As hearts are broken, loyalties challenged and hopes dashed, the time has come to leave childhood behind and learn to face the future.

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Amateur hanna uk. How she deserved to die, instead of exercising the freedom of self-defense. Artistic director: emilyn claid. Hence, fansites and share buttons. The history of liberty is a history of the limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it. Can you see where i am going? yes, you brainwashing.


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Supported by laban, arts council england and the swedish embassy. Since 1999, hanna has co directed h2dance together with heidi rustgaard, creating more then 16 works together.