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The scca solo program is comprised of single car, non-speed events which place a great premium upon precision driving rather than allout speed. The race atmosphere falls somewhere between a natural disaster, an outdoor music festival and an engineering circus. Did it exist long enough for word to spread? it surprises me that no one would be interested in cheap fun racing. (there’s a lot of emoting going on with the feet here. The instructors and students laugh, and they should: der kommissar is a sprinter with emphysema, a fog-belching dinosaur on the loose from an automotive jurassic park.

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Amateur rally racing. I know that the sports car club of america (scca) has some branches with good rallycross. After a few beers to counteract the ongoing adrenaline rush, we slept, then spectated on day two. No other single motor sports organization in the world conducts more events than the scca. When i saw rally ready online and contacted dave, the owner, he was more than willing to accommodate a group of our size. Rallies are non-speed skill events which are conducted on public roads – at or below legal speeds.

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Hidden checkpointers record your arrival times and penalties are assessed for each second early or late. Depending on where you live, you may encounter this motoring sport under various names.