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Once he’s comfortable with your finger inside of him, experiment by wiggling it back and forth, sliding it in and out, or moving it in a circular pattern. Once he’s riled up, test the waters by gently sliding just the tip of your middle finger inside. If he clenches his sphincter muscles, which encircle the anal opening, pull your finger out and continue rubbing the outer area to help reduce his tension. If he likes how this feels and is up for trying more anal action, gradually move your finger in deeper, taking care not to scratch the delicate tissue inside. It might take several sessions for him to learn to relax enough for you to penetrate him more deeply. Hint: make sure your fingernails are smooth. If you feel resistance, ease up.

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Anal play video. ) // sustain ultra thin condoms ($13. From someone who actually has it. Pull this move when he’s about to orgasm during intercourse, or while giving him manual or oral sex, and you just might send him into orbit. A sex educator explains why reprioritizing orgasms can lead to better sex.

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‘s resident sex therapist how to feel more sensitivity during intercourse. In this edition of sexual resolution, we answer a reader’s question about vaginal dryness. Clockwise from top left: tantus protouch ($52.