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Confront the regime, even when we migrate away, as i did. But also in the west bank resistance and repression has increased: the clashes between palestinian activists and the israeli military on the checkpoints have escalated during this time. Dozens of massacres were carried out in places where people refused to flee. Along with this, from the period following the oslo accords of 1993, israel stepped up the expansion of its settlements, building “facts on the ground” by taking advantage of the clauses in the oslo accords that divided the occupied territories into three zones, granting israel partial or complete control over two of these zones. At the start of the oslo process in the early 1990s there were already.

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Apartheid wall gaza strip. Friendly advice- dont read it without anti nausea pills. At goldsmiths college, london. Israel even tried to seize the cows that the community was keeping. Since 1948, israel has carried out institutionalized policies of racial segregation as a means of ensuring its domination over the palestinian people. Skin colour determined where you were born and lived, your job, your school, which bus, train, taxi and ambulance you used, which park bench, lavatory and beach, whom you could marry, and in which cemetery you were buried.

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Despite its blatantly illegal and criminal regime and repeated condemnations for its war crimes, israel has not been held to account. Us with the ultimate aim to undo them. East jerusalem and its surrounding areas has been a core issue in the dispute over the construction of the wall.

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