Areas of the sperm whales

Sperm whales: new zealand marine mammals

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Journal of marine animals and their ecology. Institute for the protection and security of the citizen. The sperm whale has a very specific social structure formed by two different social units which are geographically isolated for most of the time: breeding schools and male bachelor schools (gannier et al. During the second phase, the whales do not eat, instead focusing their energy on mating rituals. In the past, whalers confused this liquid for sperm, and for that reason, they called these whales sperm whales. In the present study, we obtained no evidence of those pathological changes and mild behavioral abnormalities, which have been spatially and temporally linked to seismic experimentations and described in sperm whales from the gulf of mexico. Teeth-marks, usually seen as a white lines, may also be used for photo-identification.

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Areas of the sperm whales. There was an error with the subscription, please try again later. These are marks, mainly on the posterior margins of the dorsal flukes of the individuals, and they include notches, missing parts or holes, giving a characteristic outline for every fluke. C as expected since they stay in low latitudes throughout their lives. It may serve to focus and reflect sound or may be a cooling organ to diminish the whale’s volume and its buoyancy during prolonged dives.

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Strandings along the dutch coast

Sperm whales are slow breeding animals, a gestation period of about 15 months, birth of a single young and a long period of maternal care. 7 (prescapular lymph nodes and liver), with no evident associated microscopic changes. Gastric contents were collected during opening of the stomach complexes: the three components (organic, inorganic, parasites) were separated, weighed and later examined.

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