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This is often due to setting your browser security settings too high. In his own spiritual pursuits, vatsyayana applied the same understanding to the pursuit of realization and liberation. The dvd includes the following sections: the history of tantra, the temple of the body, ritual lovemaking, the wave of bliss, extending sexual orgasm, ejaculation control for men, the power of breath, freeing the female orgasm, the chakras, balancing yin and yang, asanas of tantra (positions of the kama sutra), oral lovemaking techniques, advanced sexual enhancement methods. This e-letter is not intended for persons under the age of 18. This site requires javascript to work correctly, so you must first enable javascript in your browser to proceed. This site uses akismet to reduce spam. Kama sutra comes to us from fourth-century india.

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Kama sutra of sexual positions: the tantric art of loveThe tantric path to ecstasy

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Art kama love position sexual sutra tantric. Together we can make a difference! As such, kama sutra of sexual positions presents many facets of sexual embrace from many cultures where the sexual and the sacred together are the weaver of the tapestry of life. Though westerners often associate kama sutra specifically with. Kama sutra begins with a salutation to the divine balance of these three principles, dharma, artha, and kama. This step-by-step guide has brought the pleasures of the kama sutra to tens of thousands of couples.

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