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Whether it’s a bachelor party, client schmoozing or just a drunken guys’ night out, these women lay down strict rules about setting foot inside a strip club. So are you ready to do it for stranger in person. These days, and though one feels obligated to join the conversation, one must also get off the couch once in a while. My “interview” was me walking into a cluttered manager’s office, on the top floor of a downtown club. When the woman says she does not want to be searched, she is punched multiple times and eventually stripped down. The sun would rise and the comforting darkness wouldn’t be able to hide their emptiness or self-doubt or whatever it was they were so desperately trying to mask. Go with a group of girls (this is by far the most fun) or go with your boyfriend or husband.

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Ask girl to strip. Avoid being targeted by shady businesswomen or going over budget by always asking what the cost is up-front. I really really really really really really like it. I watched nervous men who were pressured by boisterous friends, uncomfortable and unsure. Think of it like cooking a caserole: you gotta put it on simmer and slowly cook it, and it will melt in your mouth. Numbers: ever-shifting poll numbers, rising temperatures, our own blood-pressures, and bank accounts.

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If she really loves you she will”? so does that mean she would do it even if she is very uncomfotable with it? if you loved her why would you want her to do anything she doen’t like or is uncomfortable with? “love” isn’t about just getting what you want. Scrambling to get the rest of her clothes off after the fact.

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