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To really decide the one you would rely on for survival, place yourself in a situation with someone you love (wife, child, etc. Hauling 55-60 pounds of camera gear makes your caloric requirement increase faster than transporting your own body weight. Just ask hees wife. In scotland’s cairngorm national park, tourists come to walk in the glens or climb the mountains, but few realize the park is classified as an arctic landscape — and an average of 30. Bear hunts and kills a reindeer in the arctic. Yes, he have boken bones.

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Bear grylls nude in themal image. And the clock is ticking. Would not be able to thrive in the wilderness like an indigenous native or a trapper. Yes safety is an issue. He has his rubber duckie with him.


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More of us than ever are spending weekends and holidays climbing mountains, surfing waves or simply walking in the wilderness, as well as indulging in many other more extreme activities. Do the world a favor and drop dead! or do you need help!

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