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Thank you for the information, i hope whatever is wrong down there heals really soon. Just days before i was sick and did’nt drink any water do think thats the cause. You better check this out so if it some thing bad the doctor can do something about it before it get to far gone. Has irrevocably limited the fees that can accrue to him from the xpert mtb/rif assay to $5,000/year.

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Bleeding assholes tgp. In the present study, we examined blood collected in edta, cpda (banked blood), and two different commercial acd-anticoagulated tubes (acd-a and acd-b). He said he is feeling fine. And im too ambarrassed to see the doctor. Now its an everday thing. Till when i fell asleep i felt a itch near my anus and i thought it was nothing so i scratched it but as i did it got even more itchy and i couldn’t contain the urge, in the morning i felt uneasy and went for a shower, after i jumped outa i dried my bottom and it stung, i took a look in the mirror and their were lumps around, the next day they went away but when ever i scratch they swell up again ever since then i get this crazy urge to scratch and i can’t resist, it’s starting to worry me, it hurts when i shower or go to the toilet and when i wipe there are one or two small dots of blood, there is this clear liquid that comes out now, which makes it itch even more, it’s made it so hard to get a good sleep the itching has also spread inbetween my anus and ball sacks. Started after intense gas pains. Do you think it’s serious? d:


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Wondering what it could be and what kind of doctor i should see about this problem. So far its been 3 days im worried and idk if its something serious. 25, 1, 5, and 10 cfu/ml into various volumes of reconstituted banked blood.

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