Britney head picture shaved

Ten years ago, britney spears shaved her head


There are reports the bidding reached $1 million before the auction was removed from the web site, because the hair could not be authenticated. The pap in question kept talking (he called bieber a “fucking little cock,”) at which point jb leapt from a van looking for a fight. Esther has been in the business for 30 years and said, ‘i’m not doing that. One tweeted: “ironic how yalls woke queen katy perry screams “no hate” an hour after making fun of britney’s mental stability on the red carpet. At the 2002 mtv video music awards in new york, spears presented michael jackson with a birthday cake, but he misinterpreted spears’ brief introduction and gave an acceptance speech thanking her for proclaiming him “artist of the millenium.

Britney spears shave head 10 year anniversaryBritney shaves her head: all the details revealed! | access online

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Britney spearss meltdown - why she shaved her head -- new york magazine10 years ago today, britney spears shaved her headSee how far britney spears has come in 10 years

Britney head picture shaved. From kevin federline in november. Last year that she found her twenties to be “really awful” and that her thirties were much better as she got to know herself better. By this point, spears’ handlers were having a hard time making the star perform on command. Spears made a similar gaffe while promoting. Here, spears performs at uniondale, new york’s nassau coliseum on one of the first dates of her accompanying dream within a dream tour. Apparently, brit asked him if she could have his hat (we use that trick all the time), and he said ‘no’. Shaving her hair off was the ultimate rebellion.


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Spears, ever the professional, could be seen standing awkwardly next to him, but realistically this is something she should not have to put up with. She attended her first mtv video music awards at new york’s lincoln center on september 9, 1999.

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