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But, we can never make our breath ultimately clean, since very quickly our teeth will become dirty again and our breath foul-smelling. Understand that it is just an experience and be able to let it go without any attachment. Masturbation conditions our bodies to respond to self-stimulation, which is self-centered. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. The causal motivation, however, may also be neutral. And a few are a bit too sex positive, to the point of being a little creepy. As a former catholic, and present buddhist, i agree that benedict’s approach to spreading “the faith” is counter-productive — not just to members of other religions, atheists, agnostics, secular humanists — but to many catholics themselves.

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Buddhism and masturbation. Buddha himself said in the kalama sutra, It is seen as an activity that does not especially relate to the spiritual path, although it may be bent in that direction in the way any human activity can be made into a yoga. But mental factors as well. If i knew the way out of a dangerous place to nirvana, would not people be following me because they know better? of course if they knew i was just wasting their time, going to steal their money and just make me worship them in the hopes of going to nirvana, i might be hesitant to follow me and they would then resort to some form of kidnapping. I my case, masterbation is associated with weakness and need for more sleep. If an adolescent gets in contact with his or her own sexuality, and can show affection to himself or herself and be relaxed and enjoy it, that helps the person to enjoy and be able to relate sexually in a more healthy way to others.


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Most spiritual practices are not very sex positive. While asking all his disciples to keep their eye on the primary goal the buddha also taught a range of secondary goals suitable for the majority; to be a good, kindly and honest person, a loving spouse or parent, a generous donor, a hospitable host, a responsible citizen, and so on. There are buddhist traditions in tibet that practice tantra and emphasize sexual intercourse as a way to reach enlightenment.

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