Bump on clitoris hood

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Hi, i’m responding to the added info. : the mole is changing in size, shape, or color. And sometimes this sexually transmitted infection presents as a painless chancre, or round, open sore on your genitals. Hm, i have some monistat cream from the last time i had an yeast infection. And the sex cause vascular congestion led to swollen clitoris because the clitoris as we know have a lot of a lot of capillary vessels. I tried looking at it in the shower today and the tip looks sorta white??? i have a feelings its swollen too?? i am sorta desperate for answers. The student room, get revising and marked by teachers are trading names of the student room group ltd.

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Bump on clitoris hood. You need appropriate antibiotic treatment urgently. Simple home remedies or behavioral changes can fix this issue. God bless you as. Both vaginal and vulvar. Get checked out and soon. You apply the cream to the labia etc.


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Are you ready? people, let’s learn about our fun-caves! And d next day it became worse and is really painful so i checked with a mirror and discovered it didn t look. Many women use panty liners on heavy discharge days, but i personally can’t use them while pregnant.

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