Calvin peeing on ex wife

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And chances are good watterson has no serious gripes with either ford or chevy, no matter what counterfeit calvin might indicate. This fall, people have been plastering patriotism all over their pontiacs. Kathie kerr, universal press syndicate’s director of communications, says her company is always on the lookout for trademark pirates but concedes that enforcement is tough. Somebody came along and “keyed” his ford, prompting him to peel off the decal. Winds light and variable.

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Calvin peeing on ex wife. Racist or sexually-oriented language. Creator bill watterson says he has nothing to do with the lewd caricature of his beloved calvin. New york: powerhouse, 1996. Once javascript is enabled please. Easy peel and stick installation.


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Thanks for peeing different card. That last variation actually got a guy arrested in florida on obscenity charges this past summer.