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And isn’t that a great thing? since no two women respond the same way to the same touch, there’s no single strategy or technique for improving them. Some non-genital spots that can feel surprisingly erotic include: the scalp, ears, face, neck, feet, and the backs of the knees. Whole-body massage produces deep relaxation, which helps women (and men) have orgasms. Try massage lotion (available at bath and body shops). But here’s a nugget for you – my sex life has actually improved in quality and quantity as i approach the big 4-0.

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Can you feel a woman orgasm. While he’s physically there, his mind wanders into deep horny forests, that if asked about, are just as ephemeral and hard to explain as the orgasm itself, but after he comes? And there’s no mention in this article of allowing her to be on top, a no brainer i thought (i was wrong). The first and most important lesson is to practice developing a balance of tension and relaxation during sexual activity. If what they are doing is feeling good enough for you to gasp, breather a little harder or move into it-they just freaking assume you just orgasimed and stop and finish themselves off. The implications of these discoveries for relationships and intimacy are significant.

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I don’t talk with other people about orgasms, only with my girlfriend. When a woman orgasms, her body tenses up. Both men and women have orgasms.

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