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I think the grocery stores should publish a list of their items by aisle so i could use that list to make my list. Ocpd is the same thing as anal retentive. Now if teachers are using netflix for simply entertainment or reward, that is a different beast. Luckily the computers have sntp. I can think of some additional signs. Actually you can have a touch of autism.


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Comment anal retentive. This is the best comment i’ve read in weeks. Everyone else has an accent. Pretty sure everyone i know has, at one point, claimed they have ocd. New york escort, i totally optimize my order at starbucks to avoid that. Most of my clocks are radio controlled (dcf77). Complaints of loose stools, bowel urgency, constipation, and so on are so common that they now comprise a diagnostic entity: irritable bowel syndrome.

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Unfortunately, i have my checking in addition to the checking that he’s now to drugged up to check. I, too, organize my grocery shopping list by aisle.

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