Double and triple penetration

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I love playing with more than one men. I have been with three men at a time but never tried two in my vagina and one in anal or two in anal and one in vagina type of penetrations. I keep squirting on top of my partners and luckily they love it. But have never done it yet. I’ve only tried it a couple of times but it was quite fun. If you mean one penis in the vagina, one penis in the anus and one penis in the mouth, then i have tried this (more than once!) and it is wonderful! i combines two of the things i love the most; double penetration and performing oral sex on a guy. And it would be really fun if all the holes get fucked at a time !! (don’t know, i guess so).

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Double anal double vaginal triple penetration xxx video


Double and triple penetration. Yes by doing this we will feel like the holes are congested but the pleasure is out of the world. Depends on what you mean by triple penetration. My last triple penetration was long back. Even though triple penetration feels good, it rarely happens. I am fond of it. Okay! i will plan a tp this weekend. It’s hot that when they dominate you in their own way and make us completely submissive and a slut.


Double and triple penetration