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When it comes to carrying out the method, everyone is different. In fact, 70% of women who like edging say lighter touches help to reduce the pressure when climax is near. And caressing her other body parts are ideal ways to pass the time here. It also better represents multiple orgasms. Of course, that’s just one woman’s preference. Alternatively, you can simply time when you stop stimulating or switch the method of stimulation.

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Edging and orgasm. All i’m saying is that edging, or even just trying to, or even just asking your girlfriend if it’s something she might like you to try, would be. A clever sexual practice is being credited with boosting the libidos of those who try it. Most women need that much time. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the two of you. That sneeze is still in there of course, and it’ll have to come out eventually. The break can be anywhere from a minute to a few hours, depending on what works best for you. Photo by alexey kuzma, via stocksy.


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Nipple stimulation, caressing and kissing are great here, but hands off downstairs. Use lots of oil to massage your pubic mound, your outer and inner lips and your clitoris area. Knowledge is power, am i right?

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