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Their origins have been hotly debated by scholars for centuries. Sub-saharan origin for the ancient greeks. The courage and endurance of rome were tested to the utmost in this long and disastrous series of wars. Three confederations hold po valley and coast south of rome, heartland of southern tuscany, and western umbria. The names of the three main.

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Etruscans to latins. Their culture was influenced by greek traders, and by the greek colonists of southern italy. In the same century, many towns built extensive fortification walls with towers and gates. In theory it was a purely advisory body. The greek historian herodotus clearly explains the hellenes were only “partly albino” thusly: Wealth poured into rome from all over the world, and the ancient simplicity of roman life gave way to luxury and pomp. (there is sometimes an overlapping of these categories. The different city-states of etruria were united by a common religion, and apparently too by a loose political confederacy.


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Was fundamentally erroneous; there exists no problem of decipherment, as was often wrongly asserted. Etruscan power at zenith.

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