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A morph between average hc and fas profiles captured nasal bridge flattening, mid-facial hypoplasia, philtral smoothing, and retrognathia (. All patients diagnosed with fas had small palpebral fissures, a smooth philtrum (rank 4 or 5) and a thin upper lip (rank 4 or 5). A dsm constitutes principal component analysis modes covering 99% of shape variation in the faces analyzed. However, he1 was markedly more affected on neurocognitive measures than he2, especially for wisc iv verbal comprehension iq and cvlt-c (. The magnitude and frequency of expression of nine minor facial anomalies frequently reported to be associated with the gestalt fas facial phenotype were compared between the patients who did and those who did not receive a diagnosis of fas using the two diagnostic methods (table 5. Each face was represented by a set of 3d landmarks and image-based classification used discriminant function analysis.

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Facial fas feature. Structural (occipital frontal circumference (ofc) magnetic resonance imaging/computed tomography/positron emission tomography), neurological (seizures, cerebral palsy, etc) and functional (standardized psychometric tests of intellect, achievement, adaptation, language, neuropsychological performance, development, and behaviour) measures of the brain are assessed during the fas dpn diagnostic evaluation. Pfls are measured to the nearest mm with a clear plastic ruler (1 cm by 14 cm in size) held as closely as possible to the eye without touching the eye or eye lashes (fig. Convex philtral grooves are typically delineated by blue regions surrounded by green. Clinical categorization of fas for 42 individuals was facial gestalt recognition from 2-dimensional photographs. The four digits of the diagnostic code reflect the magnitude of expression of four key diagnostic features of fas in the following order: (1) growth deficiency; (2) the fas facial phenotype; (3) brain damage/dysfunction; (4) gestational alcohol exposure. She also suffers from severe inattention in multiple settings.


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These criteria are drawn from the 1996 institute of medicine report fetal alcohol syndrome (fas): diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment and criteria described by the national taskforce on fas/fae: fetal alcohol syndrome: fas guidelines for referral and diagnosis. The facial 4-digit diagnostic code rank is the most accurate diagnostic measure of the magnitude of expression of the fas facial phenotype, because it uses the actual pfl, rather than the proxy measure (pfl/icd) used by the d-score. Parker s, zuckerman b.

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