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The kolmogorov-smirnov test showed normality of distribution of the obtained data in both groups. The facial measurements were performed with following references. During modern times, the golden ratio has been applied to facial beauty and adopted as a guideline for aesthetic treatments. We may be unaware of it but we subconsciously judge beauty by facial symmetry and proportion.

A study to assess and compare facial and dental proportions in attractive smilesComparison of facial proportions between beauty pageant contestants and ordinary young women of korean ethnicity: a three-dimensional photogrammetric analysis | springerlink


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Prime pubmed | the enigma of facial beauty: esthetics, proportions, deformity, and controversGolden proportions: why are some faces worthy of a second look?(pdf) evaluation of facial beauty using anthropometric proportions

Facial proportions beauty. This helped with my science fair project. 97! hahaha i feel awesome! =d. The perfect face golden ratio beauty given here is superb. At aesthetic dermatology and skin cancer: jeffrey h. The clinical ability to alter dentofacial form, whether through orthodontics, facial growth modification, or surgery, requires an understanding of facial beauty, including the evaluation of facial esthetics, proportions, and symmetry. The differences between ideal proportions and obtained proportions of the facial parameters.

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The math behind the beautyThe enigma of facial beauty: esthetics, proportions, deformity, and controversy - sciencedirectAm i pretty or ugly? face beauty analysis testEvaluation of facial beauty using anthropometric proportions - semantic scholarSo, these are the perfect facial proportions according to this chart from the 1930s - hellogiggles

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Silver models, paris france

To compare these values, the authors applied paired samples. You can change the colour of the mask for better viewing.

Human face beauty and the golden ratio, unveiled by phimatrix softwareThe precise formula for a beautiful face - raconteurEvaluation of facial beauty using anthropometric proportionsIdeal female face proportions - what the perfect face looked like in the 1930sBeauty in the human face and the golden ratioAssessing facial beauty through proportion analysis by image processing and supervised learning - sciencedirectA models secrets: the perfect face - golden ratio beauty calculator

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