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Alison told me that i would have to do everything she commanded or else she would leave me. My husband hates to travel, as he is a homebody. One night when we were dominating our men at my house, we tied them up and we began to make out with each other right in front of them. When that night came, my wife tied me to the bed, whipped me, and then began to take me with her strap-on. I guess we know who controls our marriage.

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Female domination cuckold. She has always been a friend, mentor, and confidant. Yes ma’am,” he answered. Basically her advice was going to kill their wonderful marriage all in the name of saving it. We now enjoy great sex and i receive the majority of the orgasms. Two of her slaves lived in norway and the other two lived here in the states.

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We used a tripod and captured him fucking my brains out with his enormous cock. My husband slapped me hard across my face in anger, called me a whore, and told me he wanted a divorce. Alison told me that she had thought this over and now she was ready for me to become her slave.

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