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But do it discretely, please. Let him know, constantly, that you no longer view him as a real man, more of a girl. Although, i tend to lean more on the gay side, so that probably has something to do with it. As rewards for good behavior, you can reward your husband with threats of a sexual nature, but never allow him penetrative interactions. As my x-wife formulated it when she cheated on her first hubby, it invigorated her and did not in any way pose a threat to her feelings for him.

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Guide to cuckold addicted to sperm. Thanks for the great blog and the real post, ive been into this lifestyle since 2010, real cuckold to my hotwife, i have much to share, and many real stories, u can ask whatever u want if this will help u. This is what they said. Some people have a medical condition that require them to ingest semen everyday. And we have a girl.



And not belittle them. A twitch as he thrust further into me. He slowly agreed to terms.