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I’d be terribly upset if someone i was in a relationship with was in love with someone else, but we don’t have a word for people who’ve never been in love. The only thing i want to touch on here is the idea of dating someone with kids. I’m willing to believe that but my general sense its that its more from the shame on the entire industry of prostitution than from a sense that you couldn’t lose it any other way. One time, stroking her belly makes her feel warm and comfortable, the next time she’s feeling ticklish and recoils at the same touch. We go upstairs to bedroom.

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How do you feel a guys virginity differs to a girls and why do you think this is?

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Guys lose there virginity. Anyway, i count myself lucky that i was stubborn enough in high school to reject the ‘must lose virginity’ mantra. Women have it rougher than us when it comes to this stuff, no question. Whether it’s genuine negativity (which i’m assuming the above was) or it’s self-deprecating humour, you can get some intriguing reactions out of people. Maybe it’s just me, but in general very few people have ever given a crap whether or not i’ve touched sex organs with someone else.


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And i used it to hide from getting treatment for my depression. Itt: tumblr sjw’s find out straight white men are actual human beings. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve still been going and it’s been alot of fun.

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