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How to gain better control of your hot strip mill operations


Technological control system to ensure best product quality and high process stability during strip winding on up- and down coilers. Included in the order is the entire. As a result, cold strip flatness is improved. Close interplay of all these facilities is a must to achieve an optimal result. The genius condition monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system.

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Hot strip steel. While each sensor contributes to the overall strip quality, the operator and mill computer are responsible for digesting those inputs and producing the desired product. Please review our strip steel capabilities and specifications below. This will give you the ability to save search results, receive toc alerts, rss feeds, and more. Estimating the temperature profile through the thickness of each slab in the furnace on an ongoing basis, the computer aids the operator in selecting the production rate and zone set-points that maximize production of steel slabs uniformly heated to as close to the target temperature as possible. While these coils are tested to ensure they meet certain specifications, the process can be challenging, as explained in the thefabricator. However, the future of the blast furnace is still uncertain. Because a square head-end is critical to properly threading the finish mills and the down coilers, and because an uneven tail can bruise work-roll surfaces or cause threading problems for the next production process, the head- and tail-ends of nearly every transfer bar are cropped by a pair of large steel drums each with a shear blade extending along its length.

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The latest addition to our hot strip mill is a new walking beam coil handling system and cooling pond. The hot strip mill can be either a high performance mill or a compact mill.

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