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When something feels good, notice that and do a little bit more of that, and be ok with it not leading to orgasm. If you decide to do this before, during or after, depends on you, how you feel after an orgasm, and your partner/s preferences. In short, men are like kids looking into a spectacular sweets shop that they can never enter. I literally help women find their pleasure in their bodies, expand their pleasure potential and for some women i help them discover orgasm for the first time.

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Let me orgasm first. I’m glad for jj and his wife that they experience the type of sexual experience that they do. David, your article is a fail, it’s you’re fault, and you need to grow thicker skin. You need to be in some sort of sexual state of mind and very into what you’re doing,” says herbenick. Flow throughout the body and often to the genital area. Fabulous sex is timeless. I honestly find it terrifying and slightly embarrassing.


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Visit your doctor to rule out these causes. Just a minority of men with highly multi-orgasmic women.

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