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We will teach you how to do your own loops and rolls within the 30min trial flight. Ever wondered what the world looks like flying upside down? why not let one of new zealand’s best aerobatic pilots teach you how. ) in kit form. Or for the adrenaline junkie take the step up to the big boy’s toy, a 15 min trial flight in the pitts special s2b. Upside down, down under.

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Midget mustang home page. Com is brought to you by world history group, the world’s largest publisher of history magazines. This feature is still in beta so some features may not be available at this time, but check it out! With a 100 horsepower continental engine under the cowls with the ram air conversion and inverted fuel system she can climb vertically which will be a nice change from the low performance aspirated engines i am used to flying. Do your own loops and rolls then do the upgrade and let ivan take control as you lose control. For the adrenaline seeker join us in the specially designed cessna 152 aerobat. Fly straight , fly safe. With the same engine set up as the red bull race aircraft, it has only one thing on its mind, to go hard and fast or go home! come see the world from our office 6000′ up, upside down.

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Prices start from $199 with dvd and upgrades available. This collection consists of two photographs and approximately fifty drawings of the bushby mm-1 midget mustang.

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