My pugs anus is swollen after taking antibiotics

How to treat anal gland infection in puppies


He has had loose stool for quite some time. What could be causing the incontinence? I never noticed his head was bleeding until i wiped it. She ate well but somehow her poop does not reflect the amount she ate. We also use cookies to provide. This is the fluid the doctor drained out of the gland. Get our best content delivered to your inbox.

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Symptoms of anal sac disease

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My pugs anus is swollen after taking antibiotics. With the typical hot spot symptoms came some hair loss in the affected areas, and in areas that were later affected. His rectum has comeout. Will do it but wants to remove both of the glands. But, not on the other spots. People can expect to lose only a minimal amount of time from work or school. Tomorrow, but i live alone. It looked like a blister.


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Anal sac disease

It first looked like an abnormal extra nipple but has changed in appearance. These diseases include diseases such as.

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