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She and the other women also reported frequency of orgasm during intercourse, on a scale from “never” to “always. She was asked, “how well mated are you and your husband, from the strictly sexual point of view?” responses could range on a scale from “very badly” to “no two could be more perfectly mated sexually. In 1941, while reporting their marital satisfaction, the married participants in terman’s studies revealed their sexual satisfaction and the average number and length of their sexual encounters. Sexual satisfaction tends to play a role in a happier marriage, and happier marriages play a role in greater sexual satisfaction. These two complimentary voices create a song that is likely to get stuck in your head.

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Orgasm real tube submitted. What is causing what? we won’t know until the completion of other long-term studies of. How sexually sophisticated were women-at-large in the 1940’s? can you still apply that data to today or must you leave it in the 1940’s mostly and retest for today’s environment? After all, she was the aberration to the general pattern indicated by what was reported by other study participants. It just happens to be within the body, not outside of it, but would still not refer to it as a “vaginal” orgasm. I saw this tedx video recently that blew my mind.


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I just hate how researchers especially in sociological fields skew their research about sex with marriage/intimacy/partners. And think of how difficult it is to conduct such long, comprehensive studies. But patricia was again near the top.