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I’m glad you responded. Never miss a thing with girlsaskguys notifications on your browser. I understand people can also buy used underwear online etc. She may concludd that the underwear are mementos you’re keeping from sexual encounters you’ve had with other women during your marriage. I feel awful that i am doing this behind my wife’s back and also paranoid that she will find out. I think you should go speak with a therapist.

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Smell dirty panties fetish. In an industrialized society where we bury natural scents, i think it’s okay to sniff out those arousal pheremones human mammals are supposed to detect and embrace as scents that stimulate sexual attraction receptors in our brains. The pheromones a girl gives off stay in her panties, which makes their smell a turn-on. Your natural scent turns him on! once i sniffed my friend’s sisters panties while i jerked off, it was so hot. Dominant lesbian catches her roommate sniffing her panties. Added into movies and television. I sniffed and tasted my pretty secretary’s dirty panties.

Addicted to smelling used womens underwear : confession


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I would wear them, masturbate with and into them – some i would suck on the crotch of them while riding a dildo and jerking off. When he admitted it to me (he was pretty embarrassed), i took it as a huge compliment.