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My main concerns with a phone camera are: Thank you for reading, and i hope this story will help inform your game purchasing decisions in the future. Unresolved details especially around the corners. Today, at adobe max 2018, adobe previewed photoshop cc on ipad, a full-featured, desktop-class version of photoshop for ios. After shaking up the lightroom ecosystem with lightroom cc last year, adobe has released version 2.

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Sony new terms april 1 suck. You can see the rolling shutter sku in all of the test footage. It ain’t a camera, at best an electronic and very capable swiss army knife. Or this, even at this small size there are tons of errors visible in the metal fences, etc. ) and the lack of ois is also a big problem. The issue, as is so often the case with sony’s phones, is twofold: it’s too expensive, and there are a couple of head-scratcher shortcomings.


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Sony is a brick wall for failed questions. I spoke with several managers who admitted that they could change the price, or offer a discount or coupon or add funds to my wallet but that they wouldn’t. 76ers: brown certainly has had to deal with embiid being out of his lineup before, but offered great sympathy for the most recent injury (orbital fracture) that will keep him for the rest of the regular season.