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I scratch and soon after my vagina starts itching as well. Treatment of thrush normally involves using some form of antifungal medicine. Usually treatment focuses on establishing and maintaining a routine for proper anal hygiene. The information on health24 is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Persistent anal itching may be related to a skin condition or other health problem that requires medical treatment. ] reported that 0.

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Symptoms of anal thrush. Try not to irritate the skin even more by scrubbing the area with soap. Breastfeeding moms are more prone to get yeast infections on their breasts, green says. Particularly, patients should be educated to clean the perianal area with water after defecation and to avoid severe rubbing. Often, skin becomes excoriated and secondarily infected, causing yet more itching. Thus, the presence of prutitus ani of long duration, which is refractory to medical treatment, should alert the physician to the possibility of underlying colonic or anorectal neoplastic pathologies. Systemic causes and parasitic or fungal infections must be treated specifically. Tell him if you have other medical problems, infections, or allergies.


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Once the skin has healed following the “no scratching rule,” patients can expect a full recovery. With proper hygienic practices and over-the-counter medications. These statements have not been assessed by the fda.

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