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And a couple more places. Cole, jeremih, ty dolla $ign, and more. For a while, the big rumor was that you guys were beefin’, on account of some family issues and a female. : not too long ago, there was a big kick-up between abn and hpd, with allegations of profiling and harassment and whatnot. : on a more somber note, i can’t let you leave without getting your opinion on the losses houston’s music scene has suffered recently. Hpd spokesman victor senties told mtv news that at this time, no arrests have been made and that though hundreds of witnesses were on the scene, they are not coming forward with details on the shooting.

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Trea asshole by nature. I combined all these different gangs, crips and bloods and bds, and i brought ’em together on the positive note to show people we can get our hustle on on some grown-up shit and get this money through music. People, rappers, athletes or just normal people, they die every day. To find out more, visit our. It still contains the dark orchestra feel that trae, the phantom of the houston hip-hop-era, is notorious for, but it also offers some small glimpses of luminosity. : you’re the “king of the streets,” and z-ro, who happens to be your cousin, is the “king of the ghetto. I would very much like to never get a shout-out like that from you.

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: nah, we was never beefin’. It’s like, right across the street from one of yao ming’s houses, where the neighborhood is, so the police were really trying to harass and shit.

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