Ugly chav girls

Hoodies: good, bad or ugly?


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Of that person rather than the bad. When they get dolled up to look pretty. Luckily we managed to get ourselves checked in at the reception by a very stressed member of staff. The park is also 5 minutes drive from the famous burns cottage and burns park. I hate ethan, liam, miles – can’t really explain why. I could have bought the same bottle cheaper overseas! food is also generally expensive in the shop and so are most treats etc. I guess the subsequent thread was seeing some british girls getting upset (fair play) and me foolishly thinking that three wrongs could make a right.

What slang words have this meaning?

Ugly chav girls. I’m always amazed when seeing british girls on a nights out. Geordie shore and vicky pollard types in magaluf. Last edited on jul 31 2012. I could come up with more.



Based on reddit, you would expect european girls to all be 10/10. Only the americans are worse.