Where is the female pee hole

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I take 3 showers a day and that is not enough. 3 weeks later still hurts. At the age of 15 i got a uti. You already know where the urethral opening is, so to give some context for the answer to “where do girls pee from?” here is the pertinent information on the other holes. And i also have cramps. What could possibly be the problem?

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Where is the female pee hole. I took a hiv and std test just gotta take a pap smear. It spreads to distant parts of the body beyond the original portal of entry and usually manifest by rash and arthritis. I used to think that i had some sort of sti but when i went to a clinic they said i just had thrush, so i got a 3 day cure and everything seemed fine from then, apart from going to the bathroom. The symptoms persist though. One of the first symptoms of infection or inflammation of the urethra will be a discharge.


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Hot flashes typically peak approximately 1 year after the final period and last 4-10 years. By dismissing this notice, you are consenting to their use. This mucus helps protect the epithelium against damage from corrosive urine.

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