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I think op needs to give up the fight over what has already happened and try to set this boundary for going forward. People go to bars all the time strictly to get laid. As mentioned in the below comment, that is not what amsterdam is renowned for. So she saw a dick. She didn’t know you had this boundary because you didn’t tell her so you can’t be mad at her for crossing it. There’s something wrong with people these days. You’re allowed to set your own comfort level in your relationship regarding what you are okay with.

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Wife cheating at male strip club. My boyfriend and i both discussed that we weren’t okay with them so it’s never been a problem. In reality it is boring, mostly old people and dreary weather. The location was tagged, so i googled it, and it turned out to be a male strip club in the netherlands. It’s just that in many other places it’s illegal.

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If it is a problem for her, she should identify why and continue to have open and honest conversations with her partner. I would never go to a club to look at other dude’s cocks while in a relationship.

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