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Just reading these posts. My boyfriend and i have been together for quite a long time now and we have great sex. That is what i did 24 men i sucked off. She has has no idea ive caught her redhanded 3 times, and if i were a horrible human being and acted on the pain and betrayal in my heart, i could have made her whole world crumble by releasing those videos to family, friends, work, ect. We both got off, but it was a nightmare dealing with her.

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Wife sucking differnt dicks. Still needed more so posted again on saturday 6-11-16 and sucked off 7 guys. In tenth grade when i masturbated for the first time i didn’t think of pornstars like other guys but i thought of you. Didn’t get quite as many any of those times. 5 dicks in my mouth 5 loads swallowed. Once off of craigslist and they kept coming (literally) then once in a gay sauna. I don’t care about the amount of dick one hoe got in a day. I’m pretty sure it’s 29.


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What the hell can she possibly do to make up the imbalance? It works well for men who cum quickly, as the legs quickly fatigue in this position.

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