Woman drinks own boob juice

Drinking the wifes breast milk


That’s milk for kids! you definitely don’t buy it for yourself and drink it when you have a moment to yourself in grateful, sugar-rushed silence. I like to suck my lactating nipples and drink my own milk. We both came into this marriage so young, so untested, and so blissfully unaware of the hardships that would come our way through the years. Suggests “nursing should take place two hours or longer after the alcohol intake to minimize its concentration in the ingested milk. Baby nurses at each session, as well as on the age of the child. And acute poisoning by environmental contaminants such as lead. Choose 100% juice drinks to avoid extra sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

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Woman drinks own boob juice. There’s no specific amount of fluid a woman who’s breastfeeding should aim to drink. Check your local store to see what flavors they have, or make a pitcher of infused seltzer using the recipe we just gave you. For signing up. Increased diarrhea morbidity and mortality in developing countries. Meek said alcohol passes easily and quickly into the breast milk. Length of these feeds or the amount of milk expressed.

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