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There are dozens of amazing (and free) photoshop tutorials on youtube that will teach you everything you need to know. We will examine what is successful in the current marketplace, how to get or create cover art, whether or not to use a publisher, whether or not to serialize, and how you can start to make real money. I read an old article that authors got something like $2. In-class writing: students will write a prompt-driven erotic scene in the first person, focusing on character development. I have always wanted to explore the erotic publishing idea, and this post answers some questions. Erotica is now the baby step to romance,” she said.

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Writing fiction for erotica. Thanks for sharing your side hustle and your erotica-novel-writing process! $1k a month is a pretty good take. You’re writing for impact so story line, characters and word choice have to work together even more closely than in many other types of fiction writing in order to be effective. The beautiful thing about erotica is that you can get started right away and generate money from day one. No, it isn’t required. And the sex is great! but it don’t make for good fiction. He sank his hand up past his knuckles, and then spread his fingers. We are also delighted to be associated with dublin unesco city of literature.


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He lifted me in his strong arms until he could wedge himself between my buttocks, and with his free hand he raised the hem of my gown. 99 > stories: 15-35k.

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